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We loved Oceanhorn and played it through completely . Oceanhorn 2 has been in development for quite some time and we have been providing you with new details about the upcoming premium adventure. Now the developers have launched a new website for “Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm” and share more details.

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Oceanhorn 2 hacked versionOceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, located a thousand years before the events of the first chapter, takes you on a magical journey through the vast world of Gaia, full of mythology and lore. A young knight faces an impossible challenge as Warlock Mesmeroth returns with an impressive Dark Army. Will our hero succeed in uniting the Owrus, Gillfolk and humans in a fight for the fate of the world?

The player will not start this journey alone. Trin, the granddaughter of Arcadia’s leader Archimedes, and Gen, a mysterious robot with an ancient samurai weapon, will join forces with the hero and fight alongside him against the Dark Army of Mesmeroth. Contextual commands allow the player to lead these allies into battle or assist them in solving the game’s smartest puzzles, hack tool, forum, begginer guide, how to play game, win and hack for free, account login, bot, latest version, tips and tricks.

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The player can collect powerful objects, wield the Magic Pistol, solve the mysterious mysteries of the Elders and discover all that Arcadia and its neighboring kingdoms have to offer. Incredible console-quality 3D graphics with 360-degree camera-freedom and high-precision touch controls.

Oceanhorn 2 mod and apk download for pc, ios and androidAn exact date does not call Confox & Brothers, it is still called only the year 2019. Oceanhorn 2 will be compatible with the iPhone 6s and later. A price is not yet known, but we can show you following new screenshots,2017 and 2018 version, glitch update for iphone, apk mods for android, ios and pc.

The lead agency, which passes on the Oceanhorn – Monster of the Uncharted Seas successor information to the press, has now also provided us with further news regarding the character. In a message they now provide first information about the three main characters of the game, which will be published later this year.

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The White City, the capital of the state of Arcadia, is not only the home of the great regent Archimedes, but also the seat of the oldest military order of Gaia: the Order of the Knights. The knights protect the kingdom from outside threats, serve as a personal guard to the present ruler, generally uphold the law and settle disputes. Although there are numerous knights in Arcadia, Oceanhorn 2 focuses on three playable characters: Hero, the fearless pilot Trin and the mysterious robot Gen.

Hero, the 18-year-old hero is a boy whose origin is unknown. Since childhood, he has been instructed by Master Mayfair, the acclaimed warrior of the Direfolk War and Hero’s Protector. The hero has grown into a veteran swordsman, and there is hardly anything near Arne Village that can scare him. Jailbreak, generator without human verification or surveys, website. Hero is a versatile fighter and in addition to the traditional equipment of knights – sword and shield – he knows how to handle the musket. His dream is to one day have the fabulous Caster Gun, a weapon that uses the power of magic.

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Oceanhorn 2 free cheat codes downloadTrin is 21 years old and the granddaughter of Regent Achimedes and his partner Calliope. She acts as a savvy pilot of the Yellow Bird, an Arcadian ship that has been used in several battles. Secretly ashamed of her royal origins, she grew up among the commoners of the White City. She is a kind-hearted young woman with her own opinion and many victories. Trin leads the Daggerang, an iconic three-blade weapon that can be used in both close combat and long range. In addition, she is an ace against flying enemies and a lifesaver when enemies have to be fought remotely, Download cheat codes for android, ios and pc, tutorial and courses, gift code redeem, unlock codes.

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Gene, there is gene whose age is unknown. He is the companion of Master Mayfair and faithful friend of the hero. He does not hesitate to playfully comment on a situation and wears clothes and armor over his steel links. His behavior and relationship with the old knight suggest that the two of them experienced many adventures together. The favored weapon of Gen is a powerful slaughtering machine that fits in perfectly with its relentless, high-damage fighting style, Unlimited free diamonds and money, coins and gems glitch, free cheats.

Oceanhorn 2 cheats and unlimited pointsSo you can be curious what the player in Oceanhorn 2 will expect. The announcement also states, “Oceanhorn – Knights of the Lost Realm will also feature dozens of new NPCs, some familiar characters from ‘Monsters of Uncharted Seas’, and lots of new background stories to discover.” So far, there’s nothing about a release date for its known – the official website still only says “Knights of the Lost Realm will be released for iOS in 2019”.


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