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Endless Trainer (Pokemon) was launched in July 2016, although its international expansion took some time. One of the most repeated criticisms since then was the impossibility of facing other players. It has cost, but finally Endless Trainer (Pokemon) has battles .

Although the Endless Trainer (Pokemon) fever has faded a little over time, Niantic seems determined to prevent his game from falling into oblivion by giving what the public has been asking for a long time. Thus, the Sincroaventura and the friends and transfers system arrived recently . The last to arrive are the expected battles between players , already available in both Android and iOS.

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Endless Trainer (Pokemon) hack versionThe Endless Trainer (Pokemon) Wrestling club, that give get to duke it out is no longer the exclusive gyms or the process to capture a new animal, but now you can fight against other players in the Endless Trainer (Pokemon) to get rewards such as the coveted stone Sinnoh. Niantic has activated the battles today first for levels 40 or higher, although it has later reduced the sieve to a minimum level 10, where it is expected to remain, website, free, unlimited free coins and gems, code redeem, apps, hack tool, account login, glitch, forum and begginer guide.

Ideally it is to fight with adversaries that you have in the vicinity, because it works by means of a QR code that one must teach and the other must scan, although you can also fight with friends with whom you have an affinity level of Ultra-friend or best friends.

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No one to fight? Then you’ll always have the coaches. They are always ready to face you, being able to choose later between if you want to join the Super Ball League, Ultra Ball League or Master Ball League. Depending on the league you choose, creatures with more or less PC will participate.

As for the battles themselves, they have a certain tactical component, although they also have a lot of beating the mobile screen nonstop. That’s how you launch your main attack, and that’s how you’ll recharge the power of the special attack once it’s ready, update, no survey, iphone, how to play game, win and hack for free, tutorial and courses and 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Endless Trainer (Pokemon) mod apk download for pc, ios and android

When the enemy launches his special attack, you can use a protective shield. Note, however, that the number of Shields is limited and in total you will have to eliminate the three Pokémon from the opponent to win.


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Nintendo’s entry into the mobile sector was late, but as we have told you before, the success of its titles has encouraged the Japanese company to bet heavily on this platform, where it is adding more and more new games.

Endless Trainer (Pokemon)free generator without human verificationThe game puts you on Tumblecube Island and your goal is to command your group of three Pokémon to withstand the different waves of enemies that will try to get you out of life as much as possible. The Pokémon move freely and your only participation is to press the attacks as soon as their energy bars are filled. Each Pokémon has its own special attacks and, combining them with strategy and synchronization, you will have to make your way and survive all attacks to overcome each level.

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Included is the possibility to build base fields for your Pokémon team that is possible to customize. These fields will also serve to attract and capture new Pokémon to be part of your team. As you walk the island you will discover treasures and food will appear that you can keep life to the maximum for longer.

Endless Trainer (Pokemon) free cheat codes downloadEndless Trainer (Pokemon) will also be free for smartphones and will integrate integrated purchases, as we have seen in his latest releases as Super Mario Run. These in-app purchases include packs with the name of Expedition Pack, in three versions: regular, Great And Ultra, with objects that allow to increase play time, the amount of objects falling, offer special moves for Pokémon or grow the number of tickets or experience,  jailbreak, android, ios and pc download, apk mods, gift code and without surveys.



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