DOTA 2 Auto Chess hack cheats mod apk with free generator for android, ios and pc

The last votes are counted and the Collector’s Cache to the International 2019 is published, plump filled with the 18 item sets that the Dota 2 Community rated best.

DOTA 2 Auto Chess hack cheat with unlimited resources

DOTA 2 Auto Chess hack cheat with unlimited resources

After 15 opened treasures you will receive 27 Battle levels and with each treasure you will also increase the Chance of a rare bonus item hack. Unwanted items can be recycled to 2 Battle Levels unlimited resources.

The 2019er Cache costs 2.20 € and is only available for sale for 30 days. Now is the only opportunity to purchase hack these exclusive items. The exception is the ultrashort object for Rubick, which becomes marketable at the end of 2020, after the end of the next the International. Unlimited resources 25% of each purchase goes directly into the International prize money.

DOTA 2 Auto Chess mod apk download for pc, ios and android

Here is a list of the mod apk votes cast. Except for a second Set for Tidehunter at rank 18, as it will be released in the future download.

Space Hero Voices
1 Abaddon 617,716
2 Dark Willow 594.031
3 Disruptor 572,513
4 Grimstroke 562.751
5 Dragon Knight 548.520
6 Rubick 546.820
7 Chen 523 382
8 Enigma 500.527
9 Tidehunter 494,966
10 Death Prophet 488.544
11 Undying 486,303
12 Huskar 474,832
13 Slark 473.412
14 Dazzle 466.372
15 Oracle 462.502
16 Drow Ranger 460.119
17 Phantom Assassin 454,950
18 Earth Spirit 448.703

We thank all community artists who submitted creations for this year’s treasure, pc, ios and android as well as the entire Battle Pass Community who diligently voted for their favorite sets mod apk. We look forward to seeing the new jewelry on the paths of the battlefield. pc, ios and android, download, apk.


DOTA 2 Auto Chess free generator without human verification

DOTA 2 Auto Chess free generator without human verification
With today’s generator Patch comes out the Gameplay Version 7.22, which aims to add a bonus unlockable with Aghanim’s Scepter to all remaining heroes. In addition, the Scepter bonuses of many heroes are adjusted and a number of other changes are made to the balance of power. This also includes enabling Mars and Io in Captains Mode without human verification.

All Changes can be found on the generator Update page.

Planetary Fall-Earthshaker-Arkana
May 24, 2019-Dota Team

The one who was one with the spirit of this earth has now merged with the Fragment of another world. Planet case, Earthshakers Arkana, landed. Now available in the Battle Pass to the International 2019 without human verification.

DOTA 2 Auto Chess cheats and free codes download


The Arcana includes a completely new hero model and new effects for Echo Slam, Enchant Totem, Blink Dagger and stuns. In addition, a combo counter for in-Series skills and more than 500 new, exclusive language editions. Score 500 Kills or Assists with Echo Slam to unlock the alternative style of “burning crash flight”.

Learn more about planetary events here.

The future of Auto Chess
May 21, 2019-Dota team
Anyone who, like us, has played Dota Auto Chess in the last six months and knows Valve, probably already knows what comes next: we play something and love it or meet people who inspire us and then find a way to work together. Dota 2 exists as a stand-alone game because Valve employees could not get enough of the original Mod. After we played Auto Chess about 1 billion times, we knew we had to turn to the developers, cheats, Drodo Studio, and talk about a collaboration.

DOTA 2 Auto Chess cheats and free codes download

For this reason, we invited the Drodo Team from China in February. We wanted to talk to you about the future of Dota Auto Chess and find out if there is interest in a direct cooperation. (We apologize to Drodo that Seattle of all times was in the snow chaos.) After several detailed discussions, however, both sides concluded that direct cooperation between Valve and Drodo was not possible for a number of reasons. Instead, we decided to develop a separate Version of the game and support each other.

Drodo cheats has been working for a while on his own mobile game without Dota-related, whose Beta is now live. We’ve helped you to help players transfer progress on their Accounts to the new game, and the result can be seen!

As far as Valve is concerned, some of us are working with Drodo’s blessing on a stand-alone Dota Version. Further information will be available soon.

The International 2019-Ticket Sales
May 21, 2019-Dota Team

This year the final battle for the Champions ‘ Aegis takes place again in New Lands. To the Dota 2 championship “the International” we invite the best Dota Teams in the world from 20. until 25 January 2015. The Mercedes-Benz Arena Shanghai will take place from Tuesday to Sunday, August 15 free codes downoad.


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